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Give up, or get up!!!

Give up, or get up. Wow how powerful is that, to understand that all it takes is getting my ass up. No matter what happens or has happen, I have always found a way to get up. Life has never been as easy as it is now and yet there is this fire burning inside of me. It's screaming at me to make a decision, give up on my dreams or get my ass up and do it.

I have recently reconnected with my my oldest nephew Ray. Him and I used to hustle together. I'm not talking about a petty street hustle either. Him and I literally stole millions, and it stole our lives. Anyway, him and I have had a rocky relationship the last 10 years or so. I got busted by the federal marshals in Indiana October of 2012 and that is when I left the game for the last time. Ray however, did not. There were multiple calls from jail different county jails all over the state of Indiana. In and out,broken promises, lies and more lies. All the shit that I used to do, and it would piss me off. How could he think that I was that stupid that I was going to fall for that shit. You see I had been telling them same lies for over 3 decades. I think it made me so mad because I was looking in the mirror, and I didn't like it. It was a reminder of the type of lifestyle that caused a shit ton of pain. Not just to myself, I hurt everyone that ever loved me and I did that most of my life.

I have watched him struggle since he was released from jail this last time. However, these struggles are much different. They are the struggles of a man that is trying to do the next right thing. They are the things that life throws at you in the midst of you fighting for your life. You can't just stroll out of that lifestyle into the sunset. It does not fucking work that way. You gotta earn that shit and then earn it again, and again. Recovery is not for the weak, it is for the WARRIORS that have called hell their home. It is for the ones that will stand up and fight, not just for their recovery, but for others as well. This shit aint a joke, life is gonna knock you down, it will throw obstacle after fucking obstacle in your path. Weeding out those who half heatedly are looking for some relief. Recovery is a way of life, and the only way to truly recover is with the help and guidance of other Warriors.

My nephew is doing just that, and am proud beyond words. Get up or give up, seems like a no brainner to me. Giving up is not something that I am willing to show my children. Giving up is just not an option, and that is the Warrior mindset that is needed to make it. Understanding that getting will eventually lead to standing up. Now that's not to say that life will leave you be at some point, there's just no telling what will happen. However, being more equipped and standing on a solid foundation will allow you to absorb a little more. Life will never stop being life, we just have to start living it with some purpose. My nephew is finally getting that, and I am so glad to be a part of his recovery journey.

I love this saying. I didn't understand what it meant when I first heard it, I had no idea how much power are in those words. I have been getting up all my life, I have never given up or stopped fighting. I'm still here, I am still fighting and If I want to be able to live and have the life that I am working towards, that will never change. Get up, and don't ever give up, don't ever stop looking for the opportunity to do the next right thing.

P.S This is Bob, he is my cat, Bob refuses to get up. Don't be like Bob :)

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